Float Yaletown

Sensory Deprivation in a beautiful floatation spa.

Welcome to Float Yaletown, a floatation spa where you can unplug from the rigours of society. Take a journey unlike any other in our state of the art sensory deprivation pods that provide guests with a relaxing space for self-reflection, introspection, and meditation.Float Tank. Float Pod. Float Vancouver. Float House. Float Yaletown. Sensory deprivation. Floating. Float Spa. Float Kitsalano. Float Free. Pure Float. Joe Rogan. Halsa Spa. Metta. REST. 


CANCELLATION POLICY :  In order to serve you better, we require a minimum of 12 hours notice for appointment changes or cancellations. If we are not notified within this time period, or you miss your float appointment, you will be charged for a full priced 90 minute float. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation. 

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