Float Yaletown

Sensory Deprivation in a beautiful floatation spa.

Welcome to Float Yaletown, a floatation spa where you can unplug from the rigours of society. Take a journey unlike any other in our state of the art sensory deprivation pods that provide guests with a relaxing space for self-reflection, introspection, and meditation.Float Tank. Float Pod. Float Vancouver. Float House. Float Yaletown. Sensory deprivation. Floating. Float Spa. Float Kitsalano. Float Free. Pure Float. Joe Rogan. Halsa Spa. Metta. REST. 


If you have purchased a Groupon and wish to book online, please click the link ‘BOOK NOW’ below. 1.) Create an Account 2:) YOU MUST attach either a Visa or MC - no Visa Debit or Amex. You need only attach the card number and expiry date. 3:) Book the desired appt and bring your Groupon Voucher number with you. Your Credit Card WILL NOT be charged. Thank you!



CANCELLATION POLICY :  In order to serve you better, we require a minimum of 12 hours notice for appointment changes or cancellations. If we are not notified within this time period, or you miss your float appointment, you will be charged for a full priced 90 minute float. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation. 

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